Fast, intuitive and uncomplicated

We believe Aged Care should be about care, not paperwork. Our system is designed to free up staff time, reduce stress, improve processes and reduce your daily workload.

Would you like to increase occupation rates, staff satisfaction and customer loyalty? What about access to real-time information and projections, all whilst reducing costs, stress & errors?

Resident Information

Manage resident and carer information with full personal data security


Generate invoices and request payment automatically


Online staff rostering linked to appropriate staff availability and operating budgets


Capture staff working times via electronic clock-on/clock-off options


Calculate staff pay based on working hours and EBA entitlements


Create audit trails of all information and updates including police checks and EBA compliance

Built from the ground up specifically for small-to-medium sized Australian Aged Care Providers by a team of experienced Aged Care facility operators, finance professionals and cloud-based technology software experts….

  • Assisted data migration onto the system minimises set-up time and effort
  • Work-flow is integrated, intuitive to use and based on industry best practice
  • Every user has a unique interface experience based on their specific role
  • Supports better planning and decision making
  • Easily scalable in line with the growth of your business

  • That's just the start of it. Over time, we will be building in more features that you may have been dreaming of for years. Features that will help you plan, identify at-risk residents, roster more efficiently and generate new income streams to support your Aged Care business.

    Better Futures

    At Elder Onboard we believe that innovative technology can be used as a tool for achieving better futures for Aged Care Residents, Staff and Business owners.