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Aged Care CRM Software that works for you...

Elder Onboard is designed to simplify the working lives of Aged Care staff, whilst providing real time information to executives and families.

Save Time

Entering information is easy - which frees you up to focus on care.

Access Information

Access & modify information instantly - no more chasing up-to-date info.

All in 1 Place

Information across departments stored together & logically - no training required.

Feel like you're drowning in workload?

That Sucks.

Aged Care should be about care, not paperwork. Free up staff time, reduce stress, improve processes and reduce workload with Elder Onboard.

Would you like to increase occupation rates, staff satisfaction and customer loyalty? What about access to real-time information and projections, all whilst reducing costs, stress & errors?


Updates on Elder Onboard

Leebridge Financial Advisors Appointed

Elder Onboard have appointed the Leebridge Group to act as their financial accountants, tax agent and business advisory service provider. The Leebridge Group are well established in the Aged Care sector, with a reputation dating back over 35 years. The management of Elder Onboard believe that by partnering with Leebridge, together with Norton Rose Fulbright as…

Elder Onboard Closes Seed Funding Round

December 2018 Elder Onboard Pty Ltd has secured significant Seed Round funding that will enable it to take its concept through to an MVP. Investment came from two sources, an experienced age care facility owner and a former international banking executive. Norton Rose Fulbright have been appointed as company lawyers and oversaw the funding round.…

About Elder Onboard

Elder Onboard Pty Ltd was founded by Jerome Rault in early 2018 to meet the needs of aged care providers struggling with legacy software systems and outdated operating procedures. More than that though, Elder Onboard plans to lead the way into a bright future for aged care that leverages technology and science to magnify human…

Better Futures

At Elder Onboard we are passionate about giving our elderly loved ones better futures. We believe that technology can go a long way to improving the lives of carers, owners, managers and the elderly.

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