Elder Onboard Pty Ltd was founded by Jerome Rault in early 2018 to meet the needs of aged care providers struggling with legacy software systems and outdated operating procedures.

More than that though, Elder Onboard plans to lead the way into a bright future for aged care that leverages technology and science to magnify human capacity and enhance the lives of our elderly.

The aims of Elder board include:

  • Providing rich, time sensitive information to key personnel
  • Consolidating data for easier access
  • Simplifying processes for staff
  • Reducing time wastage
  • Reducing staff frustration when writing/accessing information
  • Increasing staff satisfaction with, and use of, CRM
  • Increasing resident conversion rates
  • Simplifying HR
  • Simplifying billing
  • and much more…

But that is just the start. We plan to revolutionise the way aged care is provided, making it a wonderful experience for everyone involved. But hey, you have to start somewhere…