The Company

During his professional interactions with small-to-medium sized Aged Care facilities operators, Jerome observed that many of them were using cumbersome and outdated software to manage some aspects of their business. It was clear to Jerome that other industries were operating with far more advanced and user friendly software. Discussions with a number of these providers highlighted the need for better management software designed specifically to cater for their Resident, Staff and Business Management needs. As a result, Jerome partnered with several Aged Care providers and investors to launch Elder Onboard as an Aged Care technology provider in mid-2018.

Elder Onboard is designed from the ground up to meet the needs of Australian Aged Care providers struggling with legacy software systems and outdated operating procedures. It aims to provide a bridge between technology and customer satisfaction. We provide Aged Care companies with a seamless experience in their daily operations.

Why Elder Onboard?

  • Capture all Resident, Staff and Business information once only in a single source of truth
  • Reduce staff stress & time wasted on unnecessary or duplicative administrative tasks
  • Improve administrative work flow and online audit trails
  • Support planning and occupancy reporting with real time data in your own dashboard
  • Improve operating margins on the back of better, faster, more reliable services

Our Mission

Elder Onboard aims to be the leading provider of Management software to small-to-medium sized Aged Care providers in Australia. We serve the needs of Aged Care providers by making it easier to manage staff and resident related tasks. We empower Aged Care staff with simple, powerful, easy-to-use tools. Our platform enables clients to incorporate other cloud-based capabilities such as Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence into their future functionality, allowing them to provide world-class services at the click of a button. Elder Onboard will continue to develop constantly, innovating the new tools and services our Aged Care providers require.